Build Update – Bag and Tag

Finally, the infamous Bag and Tag has arrived! We made some really good progress, and thankfully, we managed to finish the robot on time. Here’s a video of our 2015 robot, Eric, in action:

Robot Specs:

Most boxes stacked – 4

Final weight – About 110 lbs

Height – 77 in

Width – 41 1/4 in

Length – 28 1/4 in

Autonomous program – Goes forward in to Auto Zone

Teleop play style – Straight to the landfill, collect and top-stack 4 boxes, grab a garbage can, get a pool noodle from the loading zone, and stick it on top.


Build Update (2/6/15)

FIRST off, we’re going to move these updates to once a week as we approach bag and tag. Second, we’ve added a link to the meal schedule in the “Get Involved” section of the website. We expect to add some days as we start to meet more often.

We’ve made great progress on the robot. The base for the lifting mechanism is in place with our 3D-Printed rollers. Here are a couple of pictures of the students working on the robot.



We also took apart more of last year’s robot and reassembled with new electronics so we can practice driving.


Build Update (1/30/15)

Taking advantage of our day off school, we got a bunch done. We added Molex connectors to the CAN cables on our motor controllers. We added another control board to the back of the robot and drilled many holes. As a result, we were able to get all of our electronics mounted.

Build Update (1/28/15)

Today was a very eventful day for both the hardware and the software teams. On the software team end of things, we dealt with some electronics issues. We made sure there was a difference between power connections (red and black wires) and motor connections (white and green) so we don’t ruin expensive things like last year:


The hardware team was successful as well. We began to add chains to the wheels, as well as placing a control board on the bottom. In this photo, we see our alumni-turned-mentor Lucas being distracted by the camera.


LabVIEW at Home

Greetings, all! Sorry I missed the software meeting I called on Tuesday… Anyway, this is basically the meeting. Please comment if you have any questions. This year, I want to try something new for the software team. Instead of having one programmer on one laptop at school (me), I’m going to assign each member of the software team be in charge of a part of the project. In order to successfully do this, I’m going to need you all to install LabVIEW, the NI Update Suite for 2015, and GitHub. If you aren’t running Windows, you’ll need to install Git command line instead. Both NI and GitHub require you to create an account. Once you have installed LabVIEW and GitHub, shoot me an email so I can get you the license key for LabVIEW and invite you to Stealth on GitHub.

Portland Regional Championship

Hey Everyone!

The next stage of the competition (regional championship) is rapidly approaching. With the introduction of the District point scoring system this year, (team advancement is determined by cumulative point score, over the two events attended) it is extremely difficult to predict which teams will move forward to the championships. At this stage, we’re operating under the assumption that Stealth Robotics will be represented at the Portland Championship, however this is entirely subject to change with the performance of other teams at coming PNW district events. The team standings can be monitored here.