Portland Regional Championship

Hey Everyone!

The next stage of the competition (regional championship) is rapidly approaching. With the introduction of the District point scoring system this year, (team advancement is determined by cumulative point score, over the two events attended) it is extremely difficult to predict which teams will move forward to the championships. At this stage, we’re operating under the assumption that Stealth Robotics will be represented at the Portland Championship, however this is entirely subject to change with the performance of other teams at coming PNW district events. The team standings can be monitored here.

Auburn Mountainview Competition Meeting

Hello Everyone,

As many of you know we just competed in the Auburn Mountainview District Competition. Our robotics team performed very well during the competition leaving us in 13th place out of 32 teams, good job everyone! The next competition is at Mount Vernon on the 14th and 15th of this month.

This Wednesday, which is the 5th, we will be having a meeting in Mr. Miyoshi’s room at 6:30 to go over the competition. Both parents and students are encouraged to come. We will be evaluating what the team has done well and what we can improve on.

Hope to see you there!

Build Session Update

Hello Everyone,

There is less than a week and a half until Bag and Tag day! We are currently working on the secondary robot. We are also building a more permanent arm structure, rewiring the final robot, and finishing on mounting the lifter.

Build sessions starting next week will be every day after school. The amount of time spent working on the robot will vary after school depending on how much of the robot is left to do.

Good work guys!

Working on robot

Build Session Update

Hey Everyone!

Quick update on our 2014 robot. Brainstorming sessions and benefit analysis have led us to the conclusion that mecanum wheels are going to bring us the most benefit for this year’s game. We have been putting a good amount of time into the development of a catapult system, but currently are focusing more of our effort on a consistent ball control system to ensure the reliability of our robot. Feel free to drop in on any of our build sessions!

For the upcoming build sessions there will be an email and sign up sheet sent out regarding bringing food for the students. We would love it if some parents could bring meals since the kids are working all day.



FRC Kickoff

Hey everyone!

This year’s kickoff is on Saturday, January 4th 7:00AM at Aubrun High School.  The kickoff is a worldwide event where every FIRST team get’s this year’s competition. We will meet at Cedarcrest, in the teacher parking lot, at 5:45AM; don’t be late because we are leaving at 6! The webcast is streamed from the US FIRST Headquarters on the East Coast, which is why we have to get up so early. After the video is streamed, there are breakout sessions around the campus for brainstorming with other teams. There is food for sale at the event, but each car will likely stop for fast food on the way home. After the event has ended and everyone has had lunch, we will meet back at the school (likely around noon). At this time we will have a full team brainstorming session to develop a plan of action for the six week build season. Kickoff may be a bit early the morning, but it is very important part of the FRC season and is also very exciting. I hope all of you can make it! As a student, please make sure you have your permission to ride form and the pre-arranged absence request!

Hope to see you there,

Sophie Hunter